About the Heroes Games

Strike Force Heroes are one of the most popular, most played and most challenging and fun games, it’s also a shooting game in which you can test your aiming and shooting skills. These games are completely free to play, available to you 24/7 and you can play them without installation or registration. You can play Strike Force Game with your friends and compete with each others on who can kill more enemies or who can faster complete the mission. S F H are free online shooting games and each game have adorable story that will delight you. These games are great choose to play if you are under stress in order to release that stress and have fun. If you love games with lots of weapons, boosters, challenges, lots of awesome levels and much much more then you are in the right place.

How To Play

In each of these games you will have lots of levels, every next level will be harder than previous one so you need to do your best, in order to go to the next level you need to complete mission, missions can be varios it's depends from mission to mission. When you are shooting at the enemies try to aim to their head because in that way you can do them more damage and in same time kill them faster, dodge enemies bullets and collect everything you find on your way like, boosters, ammunition and weapons, lots of weapons. In some of these games you can choose up to 5 different heroes with which you can play, every hero have their own speciality and in some mission you need to choose the right one for the mission. In some games you can play lots of modes like Challenge mode, Custom mode and more, try each one of them and test your survival skills, aiming skills and shooting skills.


Fans of shooting game game with lots of weapons, great and awesome storyline in front of you are the most popular games who have all that in them and much much more. Follow the stories in these awesome Games, complete missions, beat all sort of challenges, destroy the enemy soldiers using all sort of weapons that you will have at your disposal. You know that feel when you come back tired from work or school and you are in the mood for some good shooting game so you can relax and enjoy, well this is the place, try each and every of these Strike For Heroes Games and have fun!